A Live Retrospective: 2017-2018

by Wen Reagan

These are not polished recordings. Nor do they feature professional musicians. These are the sounds of teachers, physicians, accountants, students, speech therapists, and engineers, all volunteers in a 200-person congregation, offering what little time they could (usually 1-2 hours a week) to practice and then lead their church family in musical worship on Sundays. In this, these songs document the lovely and messy singing life of a congregation led by lovely and messy musicians. After collecting over a hundred recordings in 2017 and 2018, Wen curated this collection to document the rich sounds of brothers and sisters worshiping their creator, sharing God's presence in a creative exchange and witness, all with beauty and blemish mixed together.

The first five tracks were recorded at the inaugural conference for Hope Counseling Services at Chapel Hill Bible Church in November of 2017. The rest of the album features congregational songs sung at All Saints Church in Durham, NC, on Sunday mornings for services of Holy Eucharist throughout the church year.

The album features several original arrangements of old hymns, some creative takes on recent worship songs, and a few complete originals from friends at All Saints. At its core, this album is a gift to All Saints Church, yet the hope is that it blesses many well beyond that, even in its own mundane, blemished beauty!

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